Special Ops Wife – 33

It was, for Shirley, the most traumatic time of her life.   She could barely function.  Sleep was difficult, keeping herself polite and calm took all her effort.

Her husband was lying in a hospital a thousand miles away, and she was not ‘able’ to visit him.

She knew, in that secret place, that she didn’t want to.  It was a terrible thing to admit.  But she didn’t want to ‘waste’ money to travel all that distance to see him lying in a hospital.

She spoke to Glen on the phone, sent him images of Zac.  He told her they would be transferring him to the city where she worked.

She wanted it to seem that she had ‘known’ this so had not travelled. She told him she didn’t want to see him in ‘that’ condition, which he, macho to the bone marrow, appreciated.


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Written by jaylar

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  1. Hello Jaylar, I haven’t posted or commented much on Virily since the end of December 2019 Our wi-fi under-sea cable 5000 miles offshore has been seriously damaged so when there is a burst of life I dive in and post only. Hopefully soon. This section is macho to the bone marrow. Keep plugging away, What other disaster is hitting her right now, at the worst of times? Your fellow writer in perilous water…

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