Special Ops Wife – 25

Shirley was  worried.  Glen had gone to their ‘home’ city to be with their son.  Her sister, Olive and her husband, Zander, who usually watched Zac when Shirley was in her ‘work’ city  were going away.

Could Glen manage on his own?

If Glen was an average guy with an average job, she wouldn’t feel so worried.  But he was permanently on call for Special Ops. And where would he dump Zac if he had to leave?

He was supposed to be ‘off duty’ for a month.  Was that real?  

She phoned Olive, begged her not to go, just in case.  She was in this city, two hours away.  If Glen had to leave, what would he do with the baby?

Olive assured Shirley that Glen was off the roster, (whatever that meant) for the next 3 weeks.

For the first time since she married, since she had Zac, Shirley was a nervous wreck.  


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Written by jaylar

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