Special Ops Wife – 2

From the moment  Shirley saw Glen, it was instant love.  It was the same for him.  He loved how he looked, spoke, smelled.  

During  one week of ‘radio silence’  she was to decide if she could marry him.   He was Special Ops, and could be deployed at any time.

For that one week of emptiness Shirley believed she could not live without him.  That ‘for one moment of ‘ecstasy’   she could give ‘all she had been or would be’, to quote a poem she had memorised.

At the end of the week, she said “Yes”, and they married at a registrar’s office.

At first she thought it exciting.

For a full  four months, they had a continuing honeymoon.  He would report to base every few days, then return home. 

Shirley’s  job was easy, she was a tour guide at the zoo.  Her hours were easy, there was no stress.  It was wonderful to live this way. Then Glenn had to go.

Shirley did the ‘brave’ thing.  

When he was gone, she  felt so strange to be without him.


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Written by jaylar

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