Smart Man – 50

Kushi’s mother and brother lived free in a house Paul had bought in the names of himself and his wife.  It seemed  reasonable to  imagine that if  Kushi’s mother and brother got their own house,  they could use it to raise money to buy Paul’s half of the house when Kushi divorced him.

Having spoken to a lawyer,  Kushi and her people pretty much had their ‘play book’.

If all went as planned in a few years they would own two houses, and be able to pay off the mortgages.

The first step was to have  Paul, (who had  no idea what was coming) help Kushi’s mother buy  a house.  

As usual,  Kushi’s mother and brother  flattered Paul, who bathed in their ‘worship’   and asked him to use his power to help them get their own place.

Paul was happy to assist.  He helped them find a house, get them easy terms, and co-signed for the mortgage.

It was a nice house, many rooms, old, but sturdy.  

Kushi’s brother and mother moved into the new house which was not far from the one Paul and his wife owned.

This one was now partially rented to  friends of Kushi’s brother.   

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