Smart Man – 21

Grandma died two days later without regaining consciousness.  The funeral had  been expected so was set the next Sunday.

Paul, barely holding it together, called his job and told them.

Being in his old city, he recalled when he was a boy.   He remembered how he hated his father and how his grandmother rescued him.

After the funeral,  Paul took a bus back to Florida.

He booked into a cheap motel, not having any friends who would take him in.

Paul went back to work and  was served the divorce petition.

He couldn’t understand it.  What had he done?

Paul didn’t realise that all Daraja wanted was citizenship.  As a holder of  a Green Card, she only needed to stay with her husband for a full three years before qualifying.

Of course, due to his ignorance and gullibility Paul didn’t know this and kept trying to understand what he had done to cause Daraja to move out.

Thinking of house, he called the agent who Grandma had used to help him find a placel.

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