Sisters, Daughters & Mothers Of India Are Need To Be Saved

Not me , thousands of our Youth,students ,young as well as old were protesting on street over the issue of laxity of…

Posted by Anjan Kumar Samal on Thursday, 12 April 2018

I did post it in my Facebook today when the laxity of government machinery crossed all the line laxity in regard to safety of Indian Women and Girls and even Minor Girls. The Picture I have posted is mine during a year long before protest of Mine at JANTAR MANTAR in Delhi after a Furious Mass Rape to an innocent Girl Nirbhaya.

This particular case made united all the selfless Indians under one roof with only one demand that our girls need to be saved. Their respect and integrity should not be ruined under the power of Politics and Money. That even so furious protest that the then CONGRESS GOVERNMENT became bound to create a NATIONAL FUNDS to save and secure girls which is also known as NATIONAL NIRBHAYA FUND with allocating 1000 crores of INR.

But in the recent past such case unfortunately broken my heart and even I feel helpless to save and secure our SISTERS, MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS. An innocent Girl gang raped brutally in interior village area of UTTAR PRADESH whose Chief Minister also a saint named as BABA YOGI ADITYA NATH.

After the rape neither the girl herself nor any of her relative and even her father could not able to even lodge FIR in the nearest Police Station. When this unfortunate one’s father was going to lodge in the nearby Police Station, the RING MASTER of this planned GANG RAPE sent his goons to finish him. He was the Mighty Local MLA and under his money and muscle power, his goons beaten the girl’s father Brutally which led him into death.

Still the BJP ruled Chief Minister was quite but when the matter turned ugly and led to huge protest every where including in Media , the Chief Minister did order for CBI investigation and only then a FIR Lodged against this BJP MLA which put him arrested and behind the bar.

STILL the girl is waiting for justice and in fear she even has been left her native village. As the CBI investigation id going on, we need to wait and watch ,whether justice is done or injustice again will be unfurled.


What do you think?

Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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  1. The victim family expressed their satisfaction on the arrest.
    “We are still living in fear as the henchmen of the MLA are continuously threatening us. We want the legislator behind the bar,” she said.
    The victim family also thanked media for supporting their fight against the MLA and his goons.
    The Allahabad High Court which will be giving the verdict at 1400 hrs.
    The High Court was very critical of the UP government for not arresting the MLA even after registering case under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) against him.
    On Thursday in a record time, the Centre had given its nod to the Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the Unnao Rape case.
    Principal Secretary (Home) Arvind Kumar confirmed on Thursday night that DOPT has issued the required notification for the CBI probe in the Unnao case.
    The CBI immediately registered three cases in connection with the rape of the victim in June, 2017 and death of the victim’s father in judicial custody on Monday last.
    But surprisingly, the Centre took just two hours to give its nod to the probe. The state home department has sent the recommendation at 1500 hrs and it was approved at 1700 hrs.
    A seven-member CBI team led by an additional SP rank officer was rushed from Delhi to arrest the MLA. A second team is expected on Friday.
    On Thursday, UP government had refused to arrest the MLA saying that as the case has been recommended to CBI hence they will take the action. (INFO. SOURCES-