Seeing Clearly – 2

Sam and Nina separated fifteen years ago.  

At they time they were hundreds of miles from their home city.   The ‘agreement’  they made was that they’d separate, send the boys to stay with his mother until they got their lives on track, and then file the divorce.

His mouth agreed, but his body didn’t.  

A few weeks after the separation, Sam  raced to his mother’s house and grabbed up the boys.  He did this to ‘prove’ Nina ‘abandoned’ them and ‘dumped’ them on his mother and he rescued them.  He did this so he’d get custody.

Nina hadn’t known.  She was involved in her studies  thinking her children were safe with his mother.

Exams were two weeks away when suddenly Nina was served with  divorce papers.   Despite their agreement to wait,  Sam had dived into a divorce.  

Nina was stunned to read where he demanded full custody as she was ‘unfit’.

Nina thought about fighting this.  But Nina had no  money,  she had no stability.  She was bunking with an old friend and slept on the couch.  How could she ask for custody?


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Written by jaylar

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