Scamming the Scammers -4

Ian didn’t want Priya, his ‘feeding tree’, to leave because he knew no one would rent that room with Joan as a ‘house mate’.

He knew all about  Joan;  she  smoked ganja all day long, drank, played her music loud and had no consideration for other people.

Priya was not home all the time and had friends and places to go so  Ian could sneak by and encourage Joan to be nicer to Priya.

Although Joan wanted complete control of the side section,  she didn’t want Priya to move just yet.  The rent didn’t cover the light or water.   Priya would only pay her half.

Finally Teresa confronted Joan about the unpaid rent and an argument broke out.  

Priya  heard Theresa demand Joan leave and Joan say; “Throw me out!”  claiming her rent  wasn’t due until….
It was clear Joan was working on Theresa’s mental weakness.


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Written by jaylar


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