Saturday and all that we celebrate

Today I am going to share a part of my soul. I trust you will respect it even if you don’t understand it.

There comes a time when all the drama and troubles have to come to an end. Chaos simply can’t rule the world. I didn’t come to this conclusion quickly. It’s taken me years of falling and getting back up to finally decide that someone should have the option of knowing how it all happens. So on my way out I am going to share what I learned and how I learned it. 

Of course, I will change the names of the guilty and the innocent to protect everyone and their deep dark secrets. In the end, there really are no secrets. You either adjusted and went out naturally or took into your own hands and made the decisions yourself. Nothing happens overnight and this will take some time and patience. Most people don’t have those two things to spare and those will never know the story and that’s just fine. I am writing this to an audience of one.  Everyone else is invited to read, but really only one would care.

I was raised with some strict guidelines. We were taught that we came to this earth for a purpose and there were things that had to be done.  I have nothing but respect for those beliefs.  For millions, it’s the right path and they are blessed. 

Then there is me. I simply didn’t belong. I was loved and welcomed. I simply knew that I didn’t belong there or here. I didn’t march to the beat of a different drum, I can’t even hear the drums others hear.  It’s not a curse, it’s simply who I am.

There are so many people I love and respect and I wish somehow I could help them understand my decisions and how grateful I am that they have been a part of my journey.

Stay tuned – no one should miss the end.

#1 Old Dominion – Some People Do (Official Video)

I love this song. It reminds me that people do and can change. My husband did everything in his power to show me I was loved. I love this song. It holds deep meaning for me. If you can forgive someone and see if it doesn't change "your" world for the better.

#4 It Is Well With My Soul – Hillsong

It's so important right now to find some peaceful place in this chaotic world. I have not found that place. I hope the path I am on lands me on what I seek.


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