Salt Shaker – 28

Ethan called to Lynn who had entered the hangout with a few friends.   She came over and joined him and his sister Corrie.

After about ten minutes, Corrie excused herself and left with a feeling of success. 

Lynn and her group were  talking about the colleges they attended.  The one Lynn was at sounded better than his own and transferring there seemed logical.

He spent the day with Lynn and her friends, many of whom were his friends, people he’d known ‘forever’.

That evening they all went to a particular party, had a great time.

Outside of the special dinner with his parents and some family visits, he spent a lot of time with Lynn.

They were honest, straight forward, there were no dark corners or twists or changes of mood.

Yeah.  She the right one, Ethan thought and asked her to the New Year’s Eve party.


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Written by jaylar

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