Salt Shaker – 2

It was February of his final year in High School when he saw Shauna for the first time.  It was in the lunchroom.    

Suddenly  Ethan was captivated by an unbelievably beautiful girl  He pushed himself through the crowd to get in her  ambit   As he came beside her, he tossed; 

 “Has the Health Department checked this place?”

She gave him a glance and replied; 

“You want to make the call or should I?”

He made a side smile, and they moved along picking up a few edibles, exchanging comments, names, arriving at a table.  

 There were others already seated and Ethan widened his audience so Shauna wouldn’t think he was spotlighting her.

They were seventeen years old.  They didn’t talk college or future but music, movies, television shows, easy talk anyone could overhear.


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Written by jaylar

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