Salt Shaker – 19

On Prom day Ethan was at the pool with his friends having a great time. 

About 3:00  Shauna popped in.   She  came into the pool,  and seemed to be having fun.  Then, maybe ninety minutes later she turned to him;

“So you really aren’t going to take me to the Prom?”

He wanted to say, “I already told you…”  but instead, gave her a look, and swam off, saying nothing.

It wasn’t thirty seconds before Shauna came out of the pool.  Ethan saw her walk away, then turned to speak to his friends.What annoyed him was that she thought that he’d capitulate.  That as she had spent an hour and a half at the pool with him, he would take her to the Prom.

As if there had been some agreement.But Ethan and his mates were not formal dress types.  They had no intention of going to some chaperoned venue.  They could be monitored at Stan’s house by his folks, who didn’t see the problem with drinking beer and blasting music.

When Shauna left, Ethan felt a pang of regret, but then was in a splash fight and he forgot all about the Prom.


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Written by jaylar

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