Running Away – Molly – 5

Molly had gotten Jane’s birth certificate.   Using that as proof, she was able to sit and gain a High School equivalency diploma in Jane’s name.  

It wasn’t hard to do.

Then she got a social security card in Jane’s name.  

Molly saved her money,  applied for jobs far away.  And when she got one, she prepared.

She ‘d packed, left the apartment, where her mother was asleep and her sister in her own room and went to the bus station.

She had planned this for months.  

In the bathroom, Molly dyed her short blondish hair dark brown.   She covered her head with two scarfs, then  boarded the bus  to Atlanta.

The reason it was Atlanta is because it was far away, and she had found a job there.

It wasn’t much of a job but it was good enough.


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Written by jaylar

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