Regaining Himself – 16

Arthur dragged back to the office.

He sat and looked out of his window, feeling so stupid.  

To distract he turned to an important project he had to complete by the end of the week. With no life there was no reason for him to do anything but the project, so work might as well be his ‘wife’.

 As Arthur worked, he tried not to think of his relationship with Donna, of how he had felt, because it made him seem an idiot.


Every man in that office knew Donna as an easy hook up.  A bed warmer.

Except him.

He had thought….

He slapped the thoughts out of his head, focused on the work.  He didn’t look at the clock, he didn’t check email, he knew that this project would be a great success and that he could take credit.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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