Quds Day Rally in California and London

Friday, 6.19.20

These protests and rallys took place during Quds Day Rally in California and London. Religious people everywhere are speaking out against Zionism and Zionist Terrorism. They are all uniting together to fight Zionism together.

#1 Rabbi Joseph Kohn at virtual Quds Day Rally in California

Rabbi Joseph Kohn explain Zionism and the Zionist criminals on Quds Day Rally in California. Zionism destroys peace in order to create hatred with lies, propaganda, and thievery. This video is about freeing Palestine from Zionist Israel.

But I will remind you that Zionism is an old ideology, which was started on other cultures and lands. If you look at the whole world, then you will notice Zionist takeover based on thievery. Zionists have no culture, talent, or even identity. They illegally steal other people’s land, culture, food, ideas, clothes, art, etc, and somehow make it their own, usually by killing off the original inventor or people. Their weapons include illegal war and Zionist-infested media, filled with lies and filth.

How long will this go? When will this end? Zionist Israel is already placing the One World Government in their illegitimate state, and many people there have protested against this satanic government, which will control the whole earth and it will be worse than any other government.


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