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Psychological Alphabet

A is for anxiety

B is for behaviors

C is for collection of data

D is for diaries kept

E is for education and educating

F is for frontal lobe

G is for gifted in many ways

H is for health 

I is for intelligence and intelligent thinking

J is for jumping around and jokes at times

K is for kleptomania

L is for loneliness

M is for memories and moments

N is for narcolepsy or narcotics needed at times

O is for occupations

P is for patients and patience

Q is for quixotic mannerisms

R is for reassuring and rest

S is for surprises found around the corner

T is for thinking things through

U is for understanding what is and may be going on

V is for validation

W is for waiting

X is for xenophobia

Y is for youthful thinking at times as well

Z is for zoological thinking at times, too for we are all animals in one form or another.


What do you think?

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