Power – 16

When you are Behind Closed Doors there are always people anxious to take your place.  This is a good thing.

When people pass rumours about you, try to sabotage your work, make sure you don’t know about a meeting…. in short when people are trying to stab you in the back…Act Blank.    Act as if you don’t know.

Let them fight to throw you out and do nothing to stop them.

Soon enough you’ll be Out, the Power Hungry will be In.

You didn’t quit, you didn’t walk away.  You were loyal, you are committed, but you have been replaced.  You were chased away, you didn’t go.  Although you may know secrets, may have been there during most crucial times, it won’t matter.

The Power Hungry will have schemed, bribed, tricked, done everything they could to get rid of you.  The Power Hungry will get people on their side who will carefully shove you to the fringe.

Then, you’ll just be left out.

And free.


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Written by jaylar

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