Poison Candy – 17

Anton met his ex-wife and children at the amusement park.  He kept himself in high spirits.  He was attentive to his wife and children and spent the night with them, sleeping on the couch.

He woke up to a family breakfast and it was like it had been before he met Poison Candy.

He knew enough not to talk about anything which suggested  reconciliation or extended visits.  He knew his wife needed time.  So would take it slow.

He left on a high note announcing how much fun he had, and the kids and Edith agreed.   They spoke a bit longer and the kids begged him to do it again, and he and Edith would decide on the best date next month.

He returned to his city trying to create a plan.   He wanted his family back, maybe in time….

When he got to his sad flat he let a few tears flow.

He hoped that David and his wife would survive this, and Poison Candy would not destroy their marriage as she had his.


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Written by jaylar

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