Plastic Ruby – 8

Sitting at that table beneath the banner proclaiming their fortieth wedding anniversary, Joe and Amelia looked the perfect couple.  

Joe believed no one was aware of all the meaningless affairs he had engaged in throughout his marriage.  If pressured, if caught, he would have given the  excuse  that Amelia didn’t like sex very much.  

Joe accepted Amelia was an old fashioned straight laced woman who never used obscenity and had high morals.

Amelia  never argued , never contradicted, always went along with his ideas.  She never expressed a political or social opinion.   She seemed to accept his views as law.

Where other men had constant arguments with their wives, where everything was a debate, where men got divorced because they couldn’t take the war any more, Joe knew nothing of such incidents.

He looked at his wife who gave him her usual small smile, and felt blessed..


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Written by jaylar

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