Plastic Ruby – 14

During the time Amelia was a stay at home mom she and Billy  met  every day.

He would leave his office for lunch,  and Amelia would carry little Tony to visit her mother.   Amelia’s mother had known about the affair from the day it began and liked Billy.

Billy and Amanda would spend about two hours together before he returned to work and she  to the flat she shared with her husband.

When Tony began school Amanda would drop him off, meet Billy, then go to work from ten thirty to two thirty.

Sometimes Marva had to go on a business trip as did Joe. At these times Tony would bewith his grandmother so that Amelia and Billy could enjoy a semblance of ‘marital bliss’.

The years passed easily.    

Marva never thought of Amelia any more than Joe thought of Billy.  They were just at the edge of their circle.

There was never a hint that either was unfaithful to their spouses, so not a molecule of suspicion.


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