Picking a Victim – 10

When a wealthy woman marries or adopts a younger unmarried man, the question is ‘who used who?’

The knee jerk might be to think the younger man is ‘using’  the older woman.  This is true, but she is also using him.

If he doesn’t obey her, she can cut him off and toss him in the rubbish heap.

He is living on her largess.   It is her house, her car, and she holds the credit cards.   He doesn’t obey, she will  throw  him into the street.

Of course, if she misjudges, if she selects someone who will be violent or steal, then she is the victim, not him.

For even if she tosses him out, he will use their past connection to gain what he needs by saying she will pay for it.

If he can’t take the control he might do something so as to go to jail, or run away; hence when the woman picks her victim she must be sure he won’t become violent or steal and he must be willing to give up his soul.


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Written by jaylar

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