Phoney Ronie – 1

“I’m really sorry,”  Ronie said, her eyes filling with tears.  

Sharon’s face was emotionless.  She stood, facing Ronie, nodded, turned to walk away.

“Say something!”  Ronie cried.

“There is nothing to say,”  Sharon said  softly, as she walked off.

Ronie stood  crying as Sharon kept walking.

Although the event might be traumatic for Ronie, it was meaningless to Sharon, the ‘victim’.    

From the day she met Ronie there was something a tad  ‘off’ about her.  Perhaps it was the impression she was playing a role,  or the ambiguousness of much of what fell out of her mouth.

Perhaps if Sharon were younger or dumber or had less experience she would have accepted Ronie as a ‘friend’.   But ‘acquaintance’ was the highest Ronie would rank on Sharon’s ‘chart’.

Now Ronie is apologising for doing something that no one labelled friend could have ever done.


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Written by jaylar

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