People Who Can't Do Better – 58 (end)

If you are in proximity of a person without conscience or consideration for your existence,  appreciate they care nothing about your feelings.  

They are so self focused  you are invisible.

They are utterly lacking in empathy.  You exist as long as you have use.  If you have use they will use you.

Hence never have use.  No matter what it is, you can’t do it.  

Never ever think they are your friends, trust them or let them into your life.

They will destroy your life or attempt to.  And regardless of what happens, they will never change.  

It is not that they have a good reason why they are so evil.  They are evil because they can not do better.

They will never change.  They might play nice for a time, but their evil will seep out.

They may strive for your pity.   Don’t give it.  Don’t let them touch your soul.   They will swallow you if you do.

Keep them out of your life.


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Written by jaylar

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