People Who Can't Do Better – 49

Persons who Can’t Do Better often live from scam to scam.

Jade‘  made friends with a woman who had rooms to rent.   She claimed her house burnt down and she had no where to live.

The woman was moved to help Jade.  She did not simply give her a room, she  allowed her to move all her rubbish into the flat,  filling the shared space, inconveniencing  rent paying tenants.

That Jade had all this junk should have been a question for if one looked the items seemed more randomly pillaged then coming from a house that burnt down.

However, the woman rented Jade a room, let her dump her rubbish and Jade paid her first month’s rent.  

The other tenants, uncomfortable, prepared to leave.

When the second month arrived, Jade offered some excuse.  When it was time for the third month there was an argument, and Jade claimed she would not pay any more because of….(fill in an excuse)

Jade lived, rent free for over One Year until the Landlady went to Court, (Covid interfering)  was able to finally get an Eviction Order, which Jade was able to delay.

When Jade moved the same kind of scam was used on another victim.


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