On His Arm – 9

As Rachel drove, Isaac sipped his smoothie,  Rachel told him what he was drinking.

“My problem…” he began, grabbing words to say; “Is when I go to a party I put stuff in my mouth and…I don’t even know what I eat…”

Rachel made a few stray remarks about it, and he said;  “I have to be at a cocktail party on a yacht next Friday.  I know there has to be healthy food there…something…”

“Well, salad…” she tossed.

“Listen, I know this is insane, but can you come with me… please…”

“I don’t have a thing to wear to a fancy party on a Yacht.”

“You said Health is our greatest possession, and I believe you.   I will buy you a dress,  whatever it takes, just come with me, and make sure I eat the right things, drink the right things. That I…don’t get distracted and start talking and popping things in my mouth…”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes.   You don’t know the impact you have made on my life, even with something you might think minor like a box of cereal.  But the reason most people don’ t eat right is because they don’t know, and fall for ads or don’t read a label. “

“Wow, and I thought I was just being by the way helpful…”

“Rachel, it is more than by the way.”

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