On His Arm – 20

On Friday everyone left work early to go home and change.   Isaac had a plain black suit and wore it with a shiny blue shirt.   He didn’t have a tie so that was his attire.

He’d worn it before, to previous functions.  

Isaac was nervous for his first date, tried to take deep breaths.  He looked at the clock… it was only 5:30… he’d sweat through his clothes if he didn’t take them off now.

Quickly, Isaac undressed and stayed in his underwear, brushing his teeth, combing his hair, using cream on his skin and the clock dragged minute to minute.

He thought he was going to throw up, used one of those stomach settlers.   He put his clothes back on at 6:50.  

The phone rang shortly after, Rachel told him she’d be there in five minutes,


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Written by jaylar

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