Oliver's Odyssey – 6

Oliver went up to bed.   He slept a little, then woke up in darkness in a strange place alone.

He’d seen his mother press a lever by the door, and cautiously approached.  In the darkness his ran his hand on the wall, found it, flipped it, and light came on. Leaving the light on he moved to the stair case and came down.

There was a night light in the living room and it led him in, and to the television.  He’d seen his step father turn it on. so tried, and YES!  it came on.

Oliver sat and stared in amazement at the screen.

Then there was stomps on the steps, and his step father came down, shouted at him, locked off the television, went to slap him, and Oliver ran up to his room, and shut the door.

So ended Oliver’s first day in New York.


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Written by jaylar

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