Oliver's Odyssey – 51

Oliver couldn’t get his head around what had happened.  It was  a nightmare.  It couldn’t be real.  

Confused, unable to process, he went to work on Tuesday.  He was so annoyed about what happened to him, he made a blast against women.

This was reported to the faculty.

On Thursday he was sent on unpaid leave pending an investigation.

His life was spinning out of control and he didn’t comprehend what had happened.

He was innocent, he hadn’t done anything.

Wendy had never complained about him before.  What had happened?  Was there someone planting ideas in her head?

On Friday morning, Oliver went for a walk, came to the street where his house was, where his wife lived.

Right there, in front of the house, a police car was parked.  He turned and walked away.


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Written by jaylar

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