Oliver's Odyssey – 45

Sitting safely in the Police station, in a private office, Wendy described her first meeting with Oliver to the Lieutenant .  As she spoke she felt more comfortable.

Wendy explained how she was made to believe Oliver was a somebody.   How he pursued her, made her feel loved, how she married him.

And how the abuse began.

Wendy went into details, talking about how Oliver held her chance of citizenship just above her reach, and it gave him carte blanche to abuse her, for she couldn’t leave.

The officer asked if there was any pattern to the abuse.

Surprisingly, when Wendy considered, she realised that every Friday evening, if she didn’t perform the ‘protocols’ he had set, he would beat her.

The Lieutenant helped her devise ways to avoid much of the beatings and made a plan to be implemented as soon as Wendy gained her citizenship.


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Written by jaylar


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