Oliver's Odyssey – 38

They arrived in America, Oliver holding Dominic, Wendy holding Andrew.  It was first Wendy had been off her island. She looked around, dazzled by the huge airport.

They got into a cab and as it drove,  Wendy stared out of the window. The buildings, the traffic, the sheer size of the city and the huge population had her marvelling.

The cab turned into a small run down area, then stopped. They had arrived at the address where Aunt Zel lived.  Even Wendy’s foreign eyes could see  this was a slum.  

The way Oliver had behaved and spoke she had assumed he was at least upper middle class.  Seeing the house, meeting his Aunt, she realised he was the dregs.

She did not merely feel deceived, she now saw Oliver through new eyes.

When she met him, how he had behaved, the position he occupied,  gave the shine that he was ‘Somebody’,  She had married him and shoved the gaffes and abuse into a corner.

See the filthy building, the common people, she realised she had been fooled into marrying some slum boy who’d put up a rich front.

Her hatred of him was ignited.


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Written by jaylar

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