Oliver's Odyssey – 37

Oliver made no attempt to get Wendy citizenship, although he did register his sons at the Embassy.

Wendy spoke to him about it.  Annoyed by her question, Oliver gave her a beating.  He would file for her when he was ready, when he felt she was ready.

It was not the first time Oliver hit her.  Usually punching her in the lower chest or back so that her face would not reveal the brutality.  

Her mother knew what was happening, but they both appreciated that getting to be an American citizen was the prize.  Wendy would take what she got until she achieved it.

Her time was closer than she knew.

As most of those who worked with Oliver despised him, found his attitude repugnant  and his work pedestrian, they let his contract complete and did not renew it.Although Oliver assumed he would spend another decade here before returning to America, then getting Wendy citizenship, he was now forced to return to America early.This meant he had to get Wendy’s paper work started.Reluctantly, he helped her get a green card with all the pomposity he could muster.Arriving in America, needing an instant place to stay, he called his mother.  She suggested he stay at a house she had bought for Aunt Zel to live with her new husband.Oliver considered it a stop gap.  He expected to get a big job and make lots of money and buy his own place.


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