Oliver's Odyssey – 30

Although Oliver began University with focus and ambition , his ego interceded.  He held the idea he was irresistible to women, and academically  brilliant.

This over confidence, this focus on women resulted in his attaining no better than a ‘C+’  average.  This was a full grade beneath those who would be accepted at the lowest level Law School.

Oliver could hold forth for hours on why a genius as he had been penalised by those instructors.  After all, those who can, do, those who can’t, teach.

Reality, which Oliver would not face, is that he wasn’t as brilliant as he thought.  He never realised that much of his success was due to schools needing to integrate, with admissions needing to reach a quota.  

Oliver could not ever face the fact he  did not have the ability to enter Law School.

Needing to get a job, Oliver applied for various programs.  There was one which was run by the State Department and offered overseas employment.  He embraced getting away from the city, from the country.  He grabbed the opportunity to go to a small island on a semi diplomatic mission.

He took the post because being outside of America would expose him to  girls who were so hungry for American citizenship they would put up with anything.

Although Oliver’s eyes still saw that perfect reflection, he had developed a sour twist to his mouth and had put on weight.  He was still attractive, but no longer the beautiful man he had been although he didn’t appreciate it.


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