Oliver's Odyssey – 13

Oliver worked hard.   Weekends, each afternoon, so was now on the same level as the class.  All he only had to do his homework.   This left a lot of time.  He read ahead, tried to teach himself topics that weren’t covered in class.

He met a boy named Rudy who was very much like him.  Rudy had come up to America two years ago.  The difference is that Rudy’s mother had a day job and was there for him.    

Oliver loved Rudy’s mother wishing she was his.  Rudy’s mother  knew Oliver’s mother and was aware of the situation.

Until Oliver’s mother married, she had worked two jobs and saved her money, sending a chunk for Oliver’s support, most of which was taken by her brother for his girlfriend.

She knew this because Oliver’s mother repeated it many times at church, where both attended.

Oliver and Rudy were taken to church on Sunday which, for Oliver, was his only excursion.


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