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No Body Likes You – 3

Lily arrived at her building, up the stairs, unlocked the door to the studio she occupied.  She went in,  locked the door behind her and moved to the bathroom, after putting her bag on the table,

Once inside the small bathroom, she took off her suit, sponged it, hung it on a rack.  

She sponged her shoes, removed her underwear to soak in a basin, then took a brief shower.  

Emerging, she pulled on her robe.  

Every morning she left her robe on the door hook  her slippers in a corner so that every evening, when she came from work, she could smoothly complete her ritual.

Carrying her shoes,  she went to the closet, put them away then sat on the sofa.

This regiment of sponging and soaking had been practised since she was eight.

Then, Lily would return from school, her mother would check her clothing.  If they were not dirty enough to be washed, they could be sponged,  allowed to dry and worn again.

In those days, when she came home from school, after undressing and her shower she would put on her play clothes and have a glass of milk and a cookie.

In these days,  after her shower it was dinner.


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