News From Hong Kong to LA: WTF is Going On?

Tuesday, 8.13.19

Hong Kong protests at the airport. It started by a law that many Chinese didn’t like. Young Chinese want more democracy. So, they occupied the Hong Kong International Airport with 5 demands.

They have proof that America has orchestrated such protests. Advisor states that CIA is behind such protests. A tweet from Trump about such protests is a possible indication that it is probably staged by America or CIA.

I think it is a form of distraction to create more tension with China in order to provoke China to start something so that America will start some war, just like what they did with Russia when they placed a Zionist in Ukraine to mess with Putin, hoping to start a war between Russia and Ukraine.

CBS and Viacom have reached a new merger deal. I am not surprised. These networks suck badly, and they know no one is really watching them because most people are on the internet. So, they are obviously losing a lot of viewership.

Jeffrey Epstein death? The prison security was short in staffing, and the available wardens weren’t able to prevent Epstein suicide, unless someone assisted him in his suicide. Moreover, co-conspirators will likely be convicted for helping Epstein succeed at his pedophile venture for all these years. FBI will perform their own investigation on this matter because they want to figure out how he killed himself. Apparently, it is still uncertain how he killed himself, and authorities are baffled about this sudden death inside a supposedly high security prison system.


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