Jeb had a house.   Deja wanted it.  

As a typical female abuser, she played stupid and compliant to trick  him into believing she loved him and getting him to marry her.  

Having invested so much time into him, she know how to play him, and how to smother him with her friends to increase control.  

In a   short  time she got her name on the Title.

As she was much smarter than Jeb, she was able to have him take a large mortgage on the house to ‘invest’ in a project   her   friends, (whom he thought were his friends) invented.

The money  was actually given to Deja.

The bank demanded the mortgage payments, (which Deja had never made) and Jeb found out he was deep in arrears, he confronted Deja.  

She used his yelling as her excuse to leave him and move in with her boyfriend.   All of her friends evacuated the Jeb scene, and he was left broke with a huge mortgage arrears.

Soon, he was on the street. He couldn’t understand how that happened.

This is because he never realised that his dear ‘wife had played him.

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