Misconceptions – 6

There are people who become die hard supporters of whatever they depend on or are afraid of.

It is not that they agree, it is that they think by showing support they will protect themselves.

They don’t realise that their ‘massa’  sees them showing slavish homage and considers them fools.

These ‘fools’ believe if they ‘allign’ with ‘Massa’ and defends and supports ‘Massa’, there will be a reward.

There won’t be.

When one with power or authority notes another granting homage for no reason, the perception is that they want something.  Hence, they are the last to be rewarded, and the next to be ripped.

To put it simply, an abuser, a scammer, knows what he is doing.  For another to try to defend or justify or create explanations for the actions confirms a fool.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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