Messing Up – Protocols

Rojay saw Beth and was hooked.   To his eyes, she was beautiful and charming.  

He strolled up, introduced himself and they began speaking.  It seemed clear they had chemistry.  Then Rojay he invited her to a particular concert this Saturday.

Beth was dying to go, she loved the group,  she wanted to go out with Rojay but it was too soon.  

She’d just met Rojay, he asks her out for this Saturday.  There were rules, somewhere, which said you can’t ask someone out for Saturday on the previous Wednesday.

Or something like that.

So Beth claimed to have other plans.

Rojay went off, and needing a companion for the concert,  saw Cindy, who was an old school friend,  After opening words and exchanges of history, he asked her if she wanted to go and she shouted out her joy.

That Saturday, Rojay and Cindy went to the best concert they have ever been to in their lives.   They didn’t want to let go of the moment, and stayed in a crowd of other attenders, and went to a hot spot where everyone who hadn’t been lucky enough to get a ticket wanted to hear everything. 

Rojay and Cindy had such a great time, they decided to get tickets to another concert.  They arranged to meet tomorrow for dinner.

Rojay never asked Beth out again.


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Written by jaylar


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