Living With a Brat – 6

I returned from my hiatus on  August 29th. As I unpacked, the housekeeper arrived to clean the place.  When she was gone I savoured my last pinch of freedom.

I considered my ‘script’ deciding that not only Summer and Christmas and Easter, but if I could get Daniel to take Gabi every weekend….?

On the 31st of August Daniel arrived with Gabi .   I acted so happy to see her that she would, by her nature, respond in the most sour manner.

As she stalked to her room I spoke with Daniel and provoked him to ask to have Gabi every weekend.

I could see he was stressed, but he was one of those pathetic people who put everyone else first and himself last, if at all.

I know he must have had a terrible summer, and of course, blamed himself.  

As the agreement between us at the Divorce had her living with me and he getting only two weekends a month, I sure he felt he had  ‘abandoned’ Gabi and couldn’t expect to make it up to her in just one summer.


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Written by jaylar

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