Living With A Brat – 32

Having known a brat like Gabi when I was her age, having seen the shambles that was Maude’s life, I would not give Gabi the power.  I would not allow her to control my life.

Daniel had.

Daniel had let Gabi destroy his marriage.  Yes, it was a new marriage, but obviously ‘Sherry’ (the wife)  took one look at Gabi, a glance at Daniel, and ran as if from a fire.

Daniel had never realised what he would lose until his wife was gone.

I didn’t know anything about Sherry,  assumed she was nice. But I knew Gabi.  I knew how Gabi would try to make it ‘me or her’.

Gabi didn’t try  a ‘Me or Brad’ tantrum is that she knew I would pick Brad over her, and didn’t want the humiliation.

Poor soft Daniel was caught in Gabi’s web, and when she went away to college  he was in free fall.


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Written by jaylar

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