Living With a Brat – 31

Brad had been reluctant to become serious because he was uncertain whether I would be his wife or Gabi’s mother.  I told him about Edith, I mentioned Maude.

Having experienced ‘Brat Power’  and Lonely Maude, there was no doubt that Brad would come first.  He saw it in the early stages when I’d ‘let’ Daniel take Gabi every week end.  He experienced it when I ‘let’ Daniel have Gabi for the holidays.

Once, when Brad and I had gone to a function, Gabi she phoned me.  She was babbling about something, I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she wanted me to come home now.   When I asked what happened, the few words I caught the sound of her voice set off alarms.

I can’t be sure what she said and the noise level was high.  I was telling her I couldn’t hear.  But she kept bleating…it was the sound of her voice not the words which cued me.

I replied;  “Okay,”  hung up, shut off the phone.  

When we came in, there was nothing going on. Gabi had gone to bed.   I went to her room and woke her and she muttered, ‘go away’ and went back to sleep.

I never heard another word about the call.   Nor did she try that ruse again.


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