Living With a Brat – 23

I had stopped working as I entered my ninth month.  It was early afternoon on a Tuesday that I went into labour.  I called Brad got myself to the hospital.   As I reached  I rang Gabi, left a message on her phone.

In a few hours I delivered a perfect little boy.   Brad was ecstatic.

When we brought little Henry home,  Gabi was so angry and jealous we knew she could not be left alone with him.  I thought of sending her permanently to her father when Daniel texted.  

He had married!

Oh no!

All sorts of events bounced through my mind; from Daniel’s new wife refusing to let Gabi spend the summer to even taking her for weekends!

I was a complete mess.

I went to tell Gabi, but she had also gotten Daniel’s text, and was very upset about it.   I didn’t know what to say and backed out.  

I went to the nursery and realised the baby would have to sleep in our room when Gabi was there.   And if Daniel’s wife had the brains of a snail she would make sure Gabi stayed here.


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