Living With A Brat -16

Brad and I had our Marriage ceremony it was small and sweet.  

The day after I became ‘Mrs’,   my Gabi went off to summer camp  and Brad and I went on our honey moon.

It was perfect.

Here was a man who liked what I did, who was able to be there yet give me space.   A man whom I could respect and depend on.  A man who respected me.

When we returned from our honeymoon at the end of July we had a whole Gabi free month to reorganise the house.

Brad  made one of the rooms into a ‘man cave’ where he’d hide and watch Football, leaving me and Gabi to ‘bond’.

As every encounter I had with Gabi had been an emotional whirlwind, his decision to be out of the front line was brilliant.

When Gabi returned from camp our relationship with got lighter.  I think because Brad was there, because I had someone else to ‘focus’ on,  she felt ‘freer’.

I stopped picking out her clothes, telling her what to do, treated her more like an adult.  I stopped being that hovering Mommy and Gabi seemed to like it.


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