Living With a Brat – 14

Right after the divorce Gabi began her acting out, because Daniel had always let her have her way.I didn’t.

There were bedtimes, there were nutritional meals, there was proper behaviour.  There was school work to be done before television is watched.

She knew if she lived with Daniel she could do whatever she wanted which is why she always would cry out that she wanted to live with him.

When finally his work load had eased and he had time I could use it to get rid of Gabi.

I provoked an argument just before summer break, and she ‘won’ and got to spend it with her father. She also got Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and every weekend.

This meant I could actually have a life.   I could date.  I could meet someone.  And I met Brad.


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Written by jaylar

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    • Depends on the kids and on the parents. Depends on the circumstances.

      For example, this happened a while back;

      the parents were in dire financial straits and sent the little child to a grandparent while they got on their feet.

      Two years later, the grandparent convinced the parents that the boy was better off with her for the time being as they had just started in their careers.

      Four years later, the boy didn’t want to leave grandma.

      This happened a long time ago. So when you hear the 40 year old ‘infant’ explaining and attributing his failures to his parent’s ‘abandonment’. …

    • He never knew he was poor, he never felt his family situation was strange, as he puts it, he could have been living in the typical family. That’s because of his mother’s love and the people he lived with, whom he called Aunt and Uncle made him feel loved and safe.


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