Living With A Brat – 13

To explain Daniel, Gabi’s father, think of a big teddy bear.  Think of someone who puts everyone else first.  A kind, considerate person who was easy to love.

Living with Daniel was like being with an android.  He never had a suggestion, idea, plan.  He always went with whatever was suggested.

He went to work, came home and was fully available at all times.

If I had been twenty years older when I married him, it might have worked. But I was young, had dreams, ideas, wanted adventures, and he was so boring.  I tried not to fall out of love with him, but it was impossible.

I didn’t see him as a husband, just a teddy bear, and I was young enough to want a husband.

So we divorced, I got everything, although I had wanted Gabi to be with him.

At the time he was under a lot of pressure at work, had to travel, and so I became the main care giver.


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