Live On – 6

Tom walked to the  shack he had built in the first months of marriage.  

In the front of the yard stood the grill he  had made out of an oil drum, which he’d set up as a kind of barbecue oven.

He rinsed his fish with water from his collection drum,  cleaned it, placed it on the metal plate.   He ignited the charcoal in the grill, and when it was burning correctly he placed his fish inside and closed the top of the drum.

He washed his hands, went to the shack door, unlocked it, reached in and grabbed a sponge.

He wet the sponge, wiped down his rubber pants, his boots, took them off, wiped again, then went inside and placed them on the hooks.

He went out and took up his fishing gear, cleaned it, placed it where it would go,  then went to the cupboard and took out his special sauce.

He went to the drum, opened it, seasoned the fish, turned it over, seasoned the other side, closed the drum and went back inside.


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Written by jaylar

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