LIES stamp on white. Stamps and advertisement labels series.

Lies – 6

Jason’s mother was to marry Mr. Silver who owned the drug store.  When they went for the marriage liciense, she had no divorce document to present.

She tried to lie about it, having burnt it or whatever, but there was no divorce because Jason’s mother had never been married.  This came out, eventually.

She had lied to Mr. Silver.

Sure, in early dating days, say whatever, but once it became serious, tell the truth.  She could have admitted the truth when he asked her to marry him.   But  she didn’t.  

He found out at the most humiliating moment, in front of the Registrar and walked out.  

Mr. Silver walked out leaving Jason’s mother standing there.  

In humiliation and wrapped in her lies, she left town with Jason.


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Written by jaylar

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