Is President Trump working for Russia?

White House has condemned a report from the famous newspaper New York Times. In which it is said In that the American Investigation Agency FBI had secretly started investigating President Trump’s work for Russia.

The newspaper said when he asked FBI Director James Comey, So he said that Law enforcement officials began to worry about Trump’s behavior in May, 2017. The investigation was allegedly investigated whether Mr. Trumpp is not a threat to national security.

Mr Trump said that there was no reason for this type of investigation nor any evidence. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: ‘It’s a waste and a waste thing. She said in a statement that  James Comey was dismissed from office to be neutral, and his deputy who was in charge at that time, are known to be false, who were fired by the FBI. “

“President Obama, who gave chance to Russia and other opponents non-countries push back America, But against them, President Trump has been a tough stand for Russia.

In 2016, US secret agencies reached the conclusion that Russia had attacked Cyber and in the support of Donald Trump shared fake news on social media to harm his opponent Hillary Clinton in Presidential election campaign.

What did the FBI possibly investigate? According to the New York Times report, FBI investigations were jointly counter-intelligence and criminal investigations. Under counter intelligence, it was investigated whether president Trumps intentionally helping Kremlin against America’s interests, Or they ‘ve been under influence of Moscow.The criminal part was to remove Mr. Comey by the President in order to delay and sabotage the justice.

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Former FBI Director said in a Congress hearing that Mr. Trump told him, That ‘I hope for your loyalty’ and pressured for ending investigation against his ex security officer Michael Philan. Philan admitted lie about the contact with Russian ambassador to the United States in December 2017.

What happened to the investigation? The newspaper has said that the FBI investigation was included in the work of Special Council Robert Muller, which was investigating about President Trump’s election campaign and transition team, whether or not those people had agreed with Moscow to influence the election of the 2016 elections.

Mr Muller was appointed on his post few days after Mr Comey’s removal. President Trump has denied any conspiracy with Russia and as Muller’s probe has been called ‘the greatest political center of history.’

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However, the investigation has set some of the closest to the President in the rostrum of justice. President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen was punished for three years in prison for financial fraud, while Paul Manafort head of his election campaign, was found guilty in financial fraud.

The newspaper says it is not clear that the counter intelligence part is still being examined. In this case, the newspaper New York Times report quotes a former lawyer of enforcement agency without reference. Apart from this, Newspapaer referred to the testimony of James A. Baker, former FBI’s advisor and the ‘other people familiar with this investigation’.


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