Introduction to Power -3

Very often, those Behind the Closed Doors are facing an issue that is not easily resolved.   To buy time they create a ‘McGuffin’.  This is  some non-issue that people can be whipped up about.

While the public is arguing about the McGuffin,  running up and down, presenting all sorts of pro and con, those Behind the Closed Doors have a nice breathing space where they can deal with a real issue.

While the public chases fantasies, those Behind the Closed Doors can figure out what is to be done or not done with a major issue.

Sometimes, those Behind Closed Doors send up a ‘Kite’. This is some event, statement, whatever which is  to test how people actually feel about an issue before the decision is made.

Where there is a ‘Lobby’,  that is a group of persons beyond that Closed Door but a few steps up from the Street, they can be used to fly the Kite.  They can start rumours,  they can attempt to mold opinion.

If the public reacts badly, then those in the ‘Lobby’ can be thrown under a bus and those Behind Closed Doors remain ‘clean’.

The ‘Cue’ is a lot more devious.


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Written by jaylar

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