Inside of Myself – 2

I know it sounds idiotic, like a goofy sit com, but it happened to me.  I had met Bob in my last year of college, we’d dated, took up good jobs, and got serious.

We got engaged in March, set our wedding for June, and that was it.  I’d touched all bases.

Before April 3 I thought I loved Bob;  I did love him more than any man I had ever met.  Then, at this cocktail party, where I was more focused on the ridiculous heels I was limping in,  my sister Jenny came to us.

“I want to introduce you to someone…”  she said and gripped my arm and began to pull me.

“Jenny slow down…” I demanded,  then;

“Maxie, this is my sister, Diana…”

And this man turns to me, and I’m looking into a face which was beyond perfect, into eyes of such intenseness. Before I could speak or move, Jenny says, “And this is her fiance, Bob…”

Bob put out his hand, they shook, exchanged a few words, and I stood there, imagining grabbing Maxie’s hand, and running from the room.

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Written by Tall Awah

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